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At CrossRoad web design studio, we create beautiful, custom websites for churches, ministries and Christian organizations. We believe that, "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men". Col 3:23
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Avoiding Keyword Cannibalization

keyword cannibalization refers to a site’s targeting of popular keyword search phrases on multiple pages, forcing the engines to pick which one is most relevant. In essence, a site employing cannibalization competes with itself for rankings and dilutes the ranking power of internal anchor text, external links, and keyword relevancy.

Avoiding cannibalization requires strict site architecture with attention to detail. Plot out your most important terms on a visual flowchart (or in a spreadsheet file, if you prefer), and pay careful attention to what search terms each page is targeting.

Note that when pages feature two-, three-, or four-word phrases that contain the target search phrase of another page, linking back to that page within the content with the appropriate anchor text will avoid the cannibalization issue. For example, if you had a page targeting “mortgages” and another page targeting “low-interest mortgages,” you would link back to the “mortgages” page from the “low-interest mortgages” page using the anchor text “mortgages”

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